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COOL MINT CAN (20 pouches)

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Instant hit of minty freshness, you’ll be smiling extra wide after trying these!

Available with either 9mg or 14mg nicotine per pouch, only the highest quality S-Isomer synthetic nicotine is used with 99.9% purity.

These come in the traditional can design, robust and with a convenient storage bin for used pouches. With 20 pouches per can, these should keep you going all day!

Check FAQ section below if you need advice for choosing the right nicotine strength, plus other useful info.


Bulking agent (Microcrystalline), Sweetener (Mannitol), Granulation  agent (Povidone), Complexing agents (Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate), Synthetic Nicotine, Flavours.


Approx. 20 pouches per can

Weight: 0.4g per pouch

Nicotine: 8 or 14g per gram


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  • Lipp

    STEP 1

    Place a pouch under top lip

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    STEP 2

    Taste the flavour and nicotine with Low Burn Technology

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    STEP 3

    Enjoy the LIPP experience!

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    STEP 4

    Dispose responsibly


What are LIPP nicotine pouches?

LIPP nicotine pouches are small white pouches which are placed under the lip of the user to deliver incredible flavour and nicotine satisfaction for up to 30 minutes. The pouches are completely tobacco-free!

Why use LIPP nicotine pouches?

LIPP’s range of nicotine pouches are discreet, simple to use, comfortable, contain no tobacco, no smell, no smoke, no teeth staining, no bad breath, require no charging, and can be used anywhere at anytime. We could go on, they are simply revolutionary!

What’s in a LIPP nicotine pouch?

LIPP are one of the first nicotine pouch brands in the UK to use the highest quality and most expensive nicotine available, S-isomer synthetic nicotine, which is over 99.9% pure. The pouch itself is made of plant fibres and food-grade flavours. Nothing nasty, enjoy guilt-free!

How do we ensure consistent quality and safety?

Each batch of LIPP pouches is tested for quality in an FDA-approved laboratory and comes with a corresponding Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

Why am I experiencing a burning sensation under my lip during use?

LIPP have developed Low Burn Technology (LBT) to help reduce the burning sensation and improve the consumer experience. However, new users might experience a slight burn under the lip. This is nothing to worry about and will reduce as you get used to them. For new users, we recommend starting with our LIGHT or MEDIUM strength nicotine pouches which have a lower burn effect. More experienced users can try our STRONG or X-STRONG pouches which will have a higher burn effect, and some users even learn to like it!

Can you explain how LIPP’s Low Burn Technology (LBT) works?

LIPP’s R&D team have developed Low Burn Technology (LBT), solving the most common complaint from new nicotine pouch users which is the burning sensation they feel using some brands of nicotine pouches. LIPP’s Low Burn Technology (LBT) has been developed using a combination of top grade pharmaceutical non-tobacco synthetic nicotine, combined with low moisture content and optimised pH level.

Can I chew a nicotine pouch?

No, they are designed to simply be placed under your lip and enjoyed! Chewing or sucking them is not a good idea.

Which nicotine strength should I use?

LIGHT (0-6mg nicotine per g): LIGHT strength pouches are ideal for first time users, and casual nicotine users. Enjoy the flavour and a light buzz!

MEDIUM (7-13mg nicotine per g): MEDIUM strength pouches are perfect for regular nicotine users. Settle your cravings throughout the day!

STRONG (14-21mg nicotine per g): STRONG strength pouches are most suitable for heavier nicotine users. Get a great buzz whilst enjoying delicious flavour!

X-STRONG (22+ mg nicotine per g): X-STRONG strength pouches are for heavy nicotine users who have previous experience with nicotine pouches. Maximum hit and same great flavours!

Why do you quote the nicotine quantity per gram and not per pouch?

Here at LIPP we are engineers and scientists, and we like consistency!

We quote our nicotine ratings per gram because it is the most consistent measure of nicotine concentration, rather than trying to quote the nicotine in every pouch variation we might have in the future.

Think of it like alcohol concentration, your favourite Gin tells you that it has about 40% alcohol volume. This never changes, no matter whether you pour yourself a big glass or a little one!

How many can I use per day?

There is no exact answer to this, because it depends on certain factors such as a person's previous experience with nicotine, their bodyweight, and so on.

For new users we recommend using a LIGHT or MEDIUM strength pouch, and starting with no more than 5 per day taken at approximately equally spaced time intervals. Then, if you wish to take either higher strength or an increased number of pouches, we recommend to ramp up slowly.

Take your time and enjoy the experience as you get to know what flavour, strength, and pouch number works for you!

Who shouldn’t use LIPP nicotine pouches?

Not for persons under 18 years. Not recommended during pregnancy or nursing or for people with a history of cardiovascular disease. Contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.

What happens if I swallow one?

The pouches are not designed to be swallowed. If this happens and you are feeling unwell, please seek medical attention.

Can I sleep with them in?

No, we recommend to always remove before falling asleep. You should be alert in case you are receiving too much nicotine, plus there is always a choking risk. Safety first!

How do I store them?

Easy, they can be stored at normal room temperature. Once opening, try to use them within a week, otherwise the flavour and nicotine delivery will start to reduce.

Can I use them at work?

As long as your employer allows, absolutely! That is one of the brilliant things about LIPP nicotine pouches, the ability to use them anywhere anytime.

What’s the shelf-life of LIPP nicotine pouches?

The expiry date is clearly printed on each LIPP product, and it is 12 months from the date of production and there is no requirement for refrigeration.

Can I recycle the packaging?

The cans are made from polypropylene (PP) and can absolutely be recycled! However, at present the bags should be disposed of through normal household waste along with the pouches themselves. As part of our innovation pipeline, we have plans to make everything recyclable in the future. Watch this space!

Are the pouches vegan?

Yes, our pouches use all vegan material. Another win!

Why are you only selling in UK right now?

The UK is just the start and you will soon see our products sold and shipping to more countries. Once we do, you will be the first to know!

What if there is an issue with the product I ordered?

Simply fill in the contact form, explain the problem, and our customer service team will be glad to try and help you! Remember to take a photo and explain clearly what the issue is.

What developments are coming

With 2 amazing flavours already available and 2 more under development, we can’t wait for you to join us on the LIPP journey! We are also developing new stimulant types, packaging, and innovative solutions to enhance the user experience. Watch this space!